March 25th CVTA COVID-19 Update

Mar 25, 2020

Below you will find updates that have occurred since yesterday and your last CVTA update.

1. FMCSA Call with Acting Administrator Jim Mullen

FMCSA Acting Administrator Jim Mullen had a call with industry stakeholders. He fielded a number of questions of interest to the trucking industry. In the call, Mullen addressed several points pertinent to CVTA members. He addressed State Driver’s License Agency closures, testing for CLP holders, DHS Guidance (CISA) relating to critical infrastructure workers, FMCSA outreach to states, and concerns and reluctance to visit certain specific drug testing centers regarding random drug testing.

In particular, Mullen stated that one of FMCSA’s “top priority” is working on CDL testing for those that currently have a CLP but cannot obtain an actual license. They are currently researching and hope to have something very soon. He also noted that FMCSA working on guidance for Agricultural CDLs.

FMCSA announced it would be placing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help guide all motor carriers and operators during this time of crisis.

2. $2 Trillion Congressional Deal Reached

Congress is expected to pass a $2 Trillion Stimulus package within the next 24 hours. Details are still emerging and we will be sure to get all details to members as they become known.

3. State Driver’s License Agencies Daily Update

DMVs Closed: 22
DMV Limited Operations: 28
DMV Fully Open: 0

Click here is a current list of DMV Statuses as of Wednesday, March 25, 2020.