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J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. was established in 1953 and has become a respected leader in risk and regulatory management. J. J. Keller helps customers increase safety awareness, reduce risk, follow best practices, improve safety training, and stay current with changing regulations through our wide variety of products and services, as well as other resources.

Products and Services. J. J. Keller's broad product line includes training, software, online management tools, outsource services, consulting, mobile technology, printed publications, forms and supplies. These diverse product offerings cover more than 1,500 vital transportation topics, including CSA, hours of service, vehicle inspection and maintenance, driver qualification and training, and hazardous materials.

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Leadership changes announced by J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.®

Neenah, WI – J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. is announcing key succession changes on its executive leadership team to support its continued nationwide success as the most respected name in safety and regulatory compliance.

Marne L. Keller-Krikava, the company’s current Executive Vice President, will succeed James J. Keller as President & CEO effective January 1, 2014.  Marne started working at J. J. Keller as a part-time associate when she was 12 years old and has held positions of increasing responsibility since joining the company full-time in 1990.  Her career has included key roles in Marketing, Product Development, Strategy/Business Planning, and New Markets.  Marne has a master’s degree in Leadership and Quality and a bachelor’s degree in International Relations/Business.

“I am deeply honored and excited about this opportunity,” said Marne.  “J. J. Keller is a great company with an exceptional brand and a strong, seasoned leadership team and associate base.  We will build upon the company’s solid foundation, leveraging our core competencies, while continuing to evolve the business.”
Rustin R. Keller will assume the role of Executive Vice President & COO, also effective January 1, 2014. Rustin worked summers for the company beginning at the age of 12, joining J. J. Keller full-time in 1999. His career at J. J. Keller started within the online services division, with the creation of flagship services such as KellerOnline®, FleetMentor®, and Prospera®, and most recently he has led the rapidly expanding Business Services areas.  Rustin has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Computer Science.  Prior to joining J. J. Keller, he completed a 2-year leadership training program with GE.

J. J. Keller is a third-generation family business, founded by John J. Keller in 1953.  Marne and Rustin are both third-generation family members who have worked in nearly every area of the company during their tenure.  

Jim Keller has held the role of President since 2006 and CEO since 2012 and has been named Vice Chairman & Treasurer of J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.  He will continue to serve as Vice President & Treasurer of the J. J. Keller Foundation as well.  Robert L. Keller will continue as Chairman, presiding over the company’s board of directors.  He will also remain as President of the J. J. Keller Foundation.

Bob and Jim have been preparing for this succession for several years.  “After spending 55 years as a part of the second generation at J. J. Keller, nothing brings me greater pleasure than to transition the day-to-day operations to the third generation of the Keller family,” Bob said.  “I have complete confidence in Marne, Rustin, and the rest of the leadership team to continue to provide our customers the best safety and regulatory compliance products and services with a focus on exceptional customer service.”


Drivers Can Now Use the iPad® and iPhone® With J. J. Keller’s E-Log and Fleet Management System

Neenah, WI – Companies that want a greater choice of mobile devices for their drivers when implementing E-Logs now have it.

The Encompass™ E-Log and fleet management system from J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.® is officially compatible with the iPad and iPhone. This compatibility is made possible via their KellerMobile® app, which is available on the App Store as of November 15, and their Apple-certified ELD/EOBR — the only such one in the industry.

According to Rustin Keller, Vice President of Operations & Business Services, this development makes Encompass™ the most flexible system on the market. That’s because in addition to iPad- and iPhone-compatibility, fleets can use drivers’ existing Android™-compatible devices, the all-inclusive J. J. Keller Compliance Tablet™, or any combination of those devices.

“This unique capability gives fleets an unprecedented level of freedom to choose the setup that makes the most sense for their operation,” said Keller.

In addition to the choice of mobile devices, Encompass users also have their option of Encompass Editions, from stand-alone E-Logs to complete compliance and performance management.

As the likelihood of a congressional EOBR mandate increases, the capability to run E-Logs on the iPad and iPhone marks another opportunity for carriers to make the transition with less hassle and cost than ever before.

“Helping our customers improve regulatory compliance, performance management, and operational efficiency is what our company was built on,” Keller added. “This technological advancement is one more way we’re making that possible for everyone in the transportation industry.”

For more information about J. J. Keller Encompass™, visit jjkellerencompass.com or call 888-473-4638.


J. J. Keller Launches Compliance Tablet

Solution gives fleets the unique option to use personal mobile devices or a turnkey device for E-Logs

[NEENAH, WI]: [Neenah, WI]: J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.® recently unveiled the Compliance Tablet™, a mobile device with Keller’s patented E-Log technology built in. The Compliance Tablet offers fleet managers a simple, one-step option for making the transition to E-Logs. The device will be available October 1, 2013.

The Compliance Tablet is a 7” Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 that is pre-loaded with J. J. Keller Mobile® applications. Approximately the size of a typical paper log book, the Compliance Tablet features a simple, user-friendly interface designed to enable drivers to input hours-of-service information quickly and easily. A pre-programmed Roadside Inspection mode displays only the last seven days of logs, allowing drivers to simply hand the tablet to enforcement officers with no security concerns. The tablet is “locked down” to keep drivers from loading non-approved applications, and is also designed to become inoperable while the vehicle is in motion. All program enhancements such as HOS regulatory changes are done through automatic updates and never require hardware swap-outs.

For fleets who prefer to utilize their own (or their drivers’) smartphones or tablets, Keller also offers a “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) option.  J. J. Keller Mobile applications are compatible with over 40 Android™ devices, and communicate with Keller’s ELD/EOBR in the same seamless manner. Customers can use the BYOD option exclusively, or may choose to utilize a mixture of Compliance Tablets and other mobile devices within the same fleet.

J. J. Keller Mobile applications work with Keller’s Gen II ELD/EOBR, which installs easily into virtually any commercial motor vehicle and is compatible with all vehicle classes. Data from the ELD/EOBR is instantly transferred to the cloud-based Encompass™ back office system, so fleet managers can view, report, track and analyze compliance levels.

“The move to electronic logging is a daunting process to many fleet managers, so we’re pleased to offer a simple and flexible solution,” said Rustin Keller, Vice President of Operations and Business Services for J. J. Keller & Associates. “In addition to the flexibility of setting up E-logs on any Android device, customers now have the option to use the Compliance Tablet, which gives them a turn-key solution for one low monthly fee. Best of all, it is backed by J. J. Keller, a company that has been focused on compliance and safety for over 60 years.”

For more information, visit jjkeller.com/tablet or call 888-473-4638.

J. J. Keller Presents 17th Annual Vendor of the Year Award

Neenah, WI – J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.® bestowed its 17th Vendor of the Year Award on Orion Labels, LLC of Seymour, Wis. during a ceremony held on May 1.

Orion Labels is proud to receive J. J. Keller’s 17th annual Vendor of the Year award,” said Eric August, Partner, Orion Labels. “Our focus when working with J. J. Keller is to exceed their expectations, to anticipate their needs and the needs of their customers and to create solutions to challenges in real time. If by supplying J. J. Keller with cutting-edge solutions we can support their leadership in the marketplace … we have added value to our relationship. As a business, that is Orion Labels’ goal, for J. J. Keller, and for all of our customers.”

J. J. Keller annually rates its vendors according to their levels of service, quality, value, communication, resourcefulness, and professionalism. A group of over 50 associates participated in the rating process, selecting Orion out of 72 vendors.

Orion has been instrumental in helping J. J. Keller respond to customers’ needs through the development of several new types of labels in recent years.

“We are very pleased to have chosen Orion Labels as our 2013 Vendor of the Year,” said James J. Keller, President/CEO of J. J. Keller. “We have a very good partnership and this has added value to our customers nationwide.”

Along with this year’s Vendor of the Year Award, J. J. Keller also issued Supplier Excellence Awards to xpedx®, Bind Rite Graphics, Accuform® Signs, Midwest Textile Manufacturing, and Heinn Chapman.

News Release

February 19, 2013

J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.Federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Posting Revised;
J. J. Keller Service Replaces Posters and Notifies Subscribers of Future Changes

Neenah, WI – Along with the recent publication of revised Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) regulations, the Department of Labor modified the FMLA poster. The modification reflects changes made to the law by the National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 2010 (NDAA) and the Airline Flight Crew Technical Corrections Act (AFCTCA).

All public employers, and private employers with at least 50 employees who have worked at least 20 weeks in the current or preceding calendar year, are required to update their FMLA posting by March 8, 2013. Many of the changes in the posting involve provisions that have been effective since the NDAA and AFCTCA were enacted.  The revised posting also contains information regarding servicemember care leave for veterans, which is effective March 8, 2013.

According to Darlene Clabault, J. J. Keller’s senior editor of Human Resources content, supporters of the FMLA have indicated that the new final rules are not the end. They’d like to see the law expanded in a variety of ways, including the following:
    •    Decrease the number of employees required to establish employer coverage to less than 50.
    •    Decrease the number of hours an employee has to work in the previous 12 months to be eligible from 1,250 to 750.
    •    Increase the number of qualifying reasons.

The Wage and Hour Division removed the FMLA poster from the regulatory text so that it may make non-regulatory changes in the future without going through the full regulatory process.

"This means that FMLA changes down the road may be made without a lot of fanfare,” Clabault said. “Given the attention the new regulations have received, and the support of further expansions, the stage may be set for more work on the law. Already, bills have been introduced in the House and Senate that would allow employees to take FMLA leave for the death of a child. There will probably be others.”

Any changes to the statute or the regulations could, of course, require a change to the posting. If the Wage and Hour Division determines that an employer has committed a willful violation of the posting requirement, the employer may be issued a civil monetary penalty.

With an average of 40 state-level labor law changes annually, plus myriad federal changes, staying up to date with postings on an ongoing basis can be time-consuming and confusing … and vitally important.

J. J. Keller’s State and Federal Labor Law Poster Sets along with the One-Year Update Service allows companies to ensure they have the most current labor law posters available to comply with posting requirements. Each set includes one laminated federal labor law poster with all required notices as well as another with the required state postings.

Then, for the next 12 months, any time legislation mandates labor law posting changes, 
subscribers to J. J. Keller’s Update Service automatically receive a new state or federal poster (whichever is applicable) and an e-mail notification within 30 days of the government finalizing content.

As an added bonus, subscribers receive access to a website that provides additional information regarding labor law posters, including:
    •    PDF poster images for all states, in order to view content and/or revision dates to postings.
    •    Shipment tracking for poster updates.
    •    The quarterly Labor Law Compliance Advisor e-newsletter, which features HR hot topics, regulatory updates, upcoming poster revisions, and other labor law-related news.

For more information about J. J. Keller’s State and Federal Labor Law Poster Sets along with the One-Year Update Service, visit jjkeller.com/laborlaw6.

Recent News from J. J. Keller

J. J. Keller announced a significant upgrade to the internet portal that supports clients of their outsourced services. The newly launched “J. J. Keller Client Information Center” allows clients to remain abreast of critical compliance work that is managed by J. J. Keller. Companies that are subject to regulations imposed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) utilize J. J. Keller’s services to monitor compliance trends, regulatory requirements, documentation, and completeness of information.
“Our clients entrust us with helping to manage critical work processes and documents, and it’s imperative that we keep them informed of the potential for non-compliance to regulations”, mentioned Scot Rambo, J. J. Keller’s Directory of Compliance Services. “At a glance, our clients know if they have compliance issues and we work closely with them to fix those issues and mitigate risk that could cause significant fines, be harmful in litigation, or potentially shut down an operation” continued Rambo.

The Client Information Center has a series of dashboards that provide visual snapshots of compliance, as well as links to detail for specific employees or records that require attention. Clients of Keller Services can contact their assigned Client Representative and also access the “Personal Assistant” feature in which compliance questions can be instantly messaged to Keller’s staff of regulatory experts, for answers or clarifications.
“The complexity of DOT regulations, combined with the risk that non-compliance can have on a brand, has produced significant growth for us in the past five years” indicated Rambo. J. J. Keller's compliance services for the transportation industry include the management of Driver Qualification Files, Drug & Alcohol Program Administration, Log Auditing, Driver Vehicle Inspection Report Auditing, CSA Program Administration, Vehicle Titling, Registration, and Permitting. For Human Resource professionals, J. J. Keller oversees FMLA leave tracking, leave determination, documentation, and provides certification review.

keller posterThese affordable, full-color posters are the perfect way to reinforce key safety and compliance concepts, and illustrate critical training points. J. J. Keller has 650+ posters available on jjkeller.com, covering the topics important to the safety of your employees and compliance of your operation. Click here to view all our posters.

Roadcheck 2012 Has Come & Gone. Now the Work Begins.

Roadcheck 2012 is over. You survived. Now it's time to make use of the information the inspections provided.

  • Where do your drivers need to improve?
  • How can you maintain the safety level of your vehicles?
  • Is there room for improvement in your recordkeeping processes?

Continue to keep your drivers and vehicles operating safely and within regulations... see below for solutions to help you do so.

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Roadside Inspections: A Driver's Guide


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Visit the Roadcheck 2012 Info Page for more solutions and information.

*Offer applies to CSA for Commercial Motor Vehicle Fleets only. Offer does not apply to previous purchases, special pricing agreements and products purchased for resale. Offers expire 7/3/12.

U.S. Oil Field Exemption is now Added in EOBR/E-Log Solution

Encompass-JJKellerEncompass™ Now Supports Oil Field Rules Along with Others

Neenah, WI – J. J. Keller’s Encompass™, the industry’s leading DOT compliance management tool, will now support the U.S. Oil Field logging exception through the use of Keller’s  Android-based EOBR system.

“The U.S. Oil Field exception is critical to effectively manage hours-of-service requirements in the oil and gas field industry,” said Rustin Keller, Vice President of Business Services for J. J. Keller... Continue reading.

J. J. Keller Introduces New Flatbed Cargo Securement Training Program

jjkeller_06496_sm.jpgJ. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.®, a leading provider of compliance products and services in transportation, construction, human resources, and other industries, has developed a new driver training program designed to reduce the risk for cargo securement violations, accidents, and liability.

Cargo Securement FLATBEDS training program teaches drivers how to keep their flatbed loads in place and in compliance with 49 CFR Section 392.9 and Part 393, Subpart I. The program goes beyond the minimum requirements by including best practices and how-to information to further ensure the proper and safe securement of cargo. Plus, it underscores the impact of cargo securement violations, on both the individual driver and the carrier, under CSA... Continue reading.

A Special Offer to CVTA Members from J. J. Keller

Electronic On Board Recorders

Attached is a PDF File detailing the offer J.J. Keller is making to CVTA member schools to provide affordable access to our EOBR solution for teaching electronic logging to your students.

Also attached is an overview of our Encompass solution which includes the electronic logging functionality mentioned above as well as Fleet Compliance and Driver and Vehicle Performance functionality. Encompass is the platform that our e-logging system operates on and we are making the service free to NAPFTDS schools. See the Encompass Overview document for a sense of what Encompass would cost to purchase if it was not being provided free to your school.

Basically, your school can buy the EOBR black box that installs in the truck for $199 each-essentially our cost. Your instructors/students can use an Android phone or a Windows lap top computer to interface with the EOBR (log in and out, change duty status, etc).

Logging data is sent from the truck to the Encompass system on-demand via a cellular signal or via Wi-Fi. Sending the logging data via cellular connection requires a data plan (usually $30 or less per phone or lap top per month) on cell line(s) sending the data. If data is going to be downloaded via Wi-Fi in your yard, there would be no ongoing data transmission costs to your school.

So if you already have a laptop computer you can use as a display and you have a Wi-Fi connection that could transmit data from the truck in the school's parking lot, your ongoing cost to train students on electronic logging is $0. We couldn't get it any lower than that.

Feel free to contact Keith Keller if you wish to learn more about deploying J. J. Keller's EOBR solution at your school. It could be a great way to show prospective students that your training program is state of the art and includes training on technologies that today's drivers must know to be successful.

Online Resources

We offer a variety of resources on our website, jjkeller.com. Daily news articles keep customers current on the latest transportation developments. Business Issue pages, reference materials, and FAQs are also available to learn more about specific DOT topics. In addition, email newsletters and other regulatory alerts bring up-to-date information right to subscribers email inboxes.

Find out more about J. J. Keller solutions, visit jjkeller.com or call 1-800-327-6868 today!

J. J. Keller History

J.J. Keller & Associates opened its doors in 1953 as a one-man consulting shop. Co-founders John J. "Jack" and Ethel Keller saw an unmet need: to provide motor carriers with the products and services they required to run day-to-day operations.

And so began their venture... a regulatory / consulting / warehousing / insurance underwriting operation. The growing company began to focus on transportation regulatory services and built a solid reputation for providing companies with practical help in meeting complex government regulations.

Today, the company employs more than 1,100 associates and serves over 350,000 customers, including more than 90% of the Fortune 1000.