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The eCampusLynx does it all. The eCampusLynx is simple and customizable to work with your school. One database manages:

  1. Lead Tracking
  2. Admissions
  3. Financial Aid
  4. Account Receivables
  5. Job Placementie Links
  6. Externship
  7. Class Scheduling
  8. Default Management
  9. Missing Attendance Alerts
  10. Alumni Profile
  11. Student Loan Skip Tracing, and more.

eCampusLynx used by AIT, Roadmaster, Western Truck School, Truck America Training, Allstate Commercial Driver Training, NTTS, US Truck Driver Training School, American Driver Training Academy and others. We offer up to 100 hours custom reports and functions. Best and minimal cost software in the market. To save money and get the best software, call Dr. Abu (602) 403-7493 for an on-site Demo.

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