Hill Day

CVTA’s Hill Day will take place on February 25 & 26, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City, Virginia.

The Hyatt Regency is located at 2799 Richmond Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202.

*To register for this event, please contact Andrew at [email protected]*

*For information on hotel booking (until Feb. 5th), please contact Cindy at [email protected]*

What is Hill Day?

CVTA’s Hill Day is an event where CVTA members come to Washington D.C., meet with their members of Congress and their staff to discuss the importance of commercial truck driving training and the role we play in moving the economy forward and developing safe drivers. CVTA schedules meetings with your Representative and Senators (or a staffer should the member of Congress be unavailable) where you and fellow CVTA members discuss issues facing our industry. These meetings provide an opportunity to educate them on the role our schools and carriers play within the trucking industry.

What are the typical Hill Day events and activities?

During Hill Day, our members attend presentations and deliver briefings to members of Congress and staff. In short, you talk about that which you know best: training, hiring students, or supporting the industry. We will cover these in the briefing and give you talking points.

While there are specific topics we will want everyone to address in each meeting, please know that there isn’t much to worry about. Each meeting typically consists of a school, motor carrier, and an associate, and you are discussing topics you already know. In the event you are unfamiliar with a topic, CVTA will provide you with how to answer such questions if asked.

Why is 2020 such an important year?

2020 is a pivotal year as Congress will be required to pass both a Highway Bill and WIOA Reauthorizations. The House and Senate need to authorize a new Highway Bill. This sets both federal spending amounts and policy. The importance of this legislation cannot be overstated as it sets federal Highway policy for the next 3-5 years.

If a person wanted to go to a particular location by train and that train was leaving the station once every 3-5 years, a person would want to be on that train. The same is true for achieving policy priorities in a Reauthorization bill. Congress must pass a bill that “reauthorizes” government programs that receive federal funding. These set the “top line” or authorized amounts for particular federal programs. Without the authority to spend money, such programs are not able to be funded. Reauthorization bills, like the Highway Bill, also establish, remove, or revamp particular federal policy for a particular Department or agency. The FAST Act, the most recent Highway Bill Reauthorization, was passed in 2015 and expires in December 2020. If the Congress fails to produce a bill, the programs will expire, and certain policies will not be addressed.

What are the logistics of Hill Day?

The official Hill Day event starts on Tuesday, February 25th at 4:00 pm with a briefing and presentation on what we will be discussing with members of Congress and their staff. Plan to be at the hotel no later than 4 PM if you want to attend the pre-Hill Day brief. If you can’t get in to DC until later, then plan on receiving this via our webinar prior to Hill Day.

So you know, the hotel is conveniently located 5 minutes from Washington Reagan National Airport (DCA). This is beneficial because you can land and be at the hotel within minutes and when departing Capitol Hill after your meetings, you can check your bag at the hotel, pick it up and then depart for the airport. This will save you from lugging your bags around Capitol Hill! Click here to see the 2020 Hill Day Schedule.

Who from my institution or company should attend Hill Day?

All members are welcome. We advise that leadership and company executives attend, so long as they understand the various issues within the industry.

Will CVTA schedule visits with members of Congress on my behalf?

Yes! We will work to schedule meetings with your Representative or Senators. Schedules for members of Congress and their staff fill-up quickly, so we recommend you register as soon as possible for Hill Day. For this reason, please indicate your arrival and departure information on your registration form, so we can do our best to schedule an appointment on your behalf.

When will know who I am meeting with?

A detailed schedule of who you will be meeting with will be provided in your packet when you arrive. However, if you need an advance copy of your schedule, with the understanding that times are subject to change, contact CVTA’s Andrew Poliakoff at [email protected].