Fact Sheet


CVTA Facts

  • The Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA) is the largest organization representing the interests of truck driving schools, students, and the businesses that depend on their services.
  • Working with members and partners on critical industry issues, CVTA is helping shape the future of safer transportation.
  • CVTA is comprised of over 100 members representing the transportation industry:
    • 55+ member schools
    • 20+ motor carrier members
    • 35+ associate members, businesses that work in the transportation industry
  • CVTA member schools operate both accredited and state licensed schools at over 180 training locations in over 40 states nationwide;
  • Our member schools train approximately 50,000 drivers per year;
  • A majority of CVTA member schools have extremely high placement rates as commercial drivers are in high demand;
  • CVTA and its members are committed to promoting the highest quality standards for commercial driving training schools and the students they help graduate;
  • Many CVTA students rely on Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Title IV Direct Loans, Pell Grants, Post 9/11 G.I. Bill benefits, private loans, scholarships, and other grants to fund their training.


  • On average over the next 10 years, the trucking industry must attract nearly 97,000 people annually to become drivers. This need comes from people leaving the industry through retirements in addition to companies adding trucks to their fleets as the economy grows;i
  • The trucking industry currently needs more drivers than are being trained each year and over the next 10 years the industry is expected to have a shortfall of 239,000 drivers;ii
  • Entry-level truck drivers are often “pre-hired” before beginning their driver training, thus they begin working almost immediately after completion of training;
  • Entry-level drivers enjoy an average compensation level of $38,000-$43,000 per year;iii
  • The truck driver occupation is listed as a an “occupation with the most growth”;iv
  • $642.1 Billion in Gross Freight Revenues (primary shipments only) from trucking, representing 80.7% of the nation’s freight bill in 2012;v
  • 6.9 Million People Employed throughout the economy in jobs that relate to trucking activity in 2011, excluding self-employed;vi
  • 3.1 Million Truck Drivers Employed in 2011.vii

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