Exam VIP


Take Control !

Take control of your medical and substance abuse Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) compliance programs, while relieving your company and employees of the high cost and performance burden of unbundled and off-site programs.

Why Choose Exam VIP?

Exam VIP is an employer-dedicated onsite health programs designed to provide a more individualized and higher quality service to Companies in the trucking industry. Through these customized programs we are able to assist those companies responsible for driver safety, meet their burden of responsibility, and maintain control over costs, the drivers and ultimately company productivity.

Why Onsite?

We provide proximity. Our on-site services are convenient to access. This keeps costs down and helps you develop a familiar and trusting relationship with us. It is this relationship which is a foundation to better outcomes.

Phone: 866-235-9112
Website: examvip.com