ELDT Updates

Don’t Delay Your Preparation

While the FMCSA recently announced a 2-Year delay in ELDT implementation, CVTA urges all training providers not to wait until 2022 to understand the changes. Many schools are teaching between 90-95 percent of the curriculum, but developing and implementing the systems to ensure compliance will require more time than most will anticipate. In September 2018, CVTA launched its ELDT pilot program, where members are testing the rule as if it is in place.

Based on this pilot program, CVTA intends to issue best practices for member compliance and also make recommendations to the FMCSA on what issues need guidance and clarifications.

CVTA’s 3-Part Entry-Level Driver Training: Compliance Guide is now available online and complimentary for all members. Each of these documents contains valuable information, tailored to assist you in understanding the new rule and utilizing lessons learned during the CVTA ELDT Pilot Program.

If you do not have your member login credentials, please call CVTA: 703-642-9444 for assistance.


Entry-Level Driver Training: Overview discusses the general requirements of the rule and outlines the specific curriculum sections necessary within Theory and Behind-the-Wheel instruction for Class A and Class B license, as well as Passenger, School Bus and Hazmat endorsements. Additionally, the Overview summarizes important provisions of the rule regarding inclusion and removal from the Training Provider Registry and describes various recordkeeping practices and certification submission timelines. Lastly, the Overview includes a helpful definition section.

Entry-Level Driver Training: Best Practices assembles the collective lessons learned from CVTA Pilot Program members and provides ten useful best practices to assist members in saving time and money. Members will find great information in this section of the Guide, including passages on curriculum mapping, data collection, and tracking student hours, among others. This publication also details the estimated time it will take for staff to administer the various new requirements.

Entry-Level Driver Training: Forms provides an array of functional documents that follow the rule and provide sections for members to input relevant information. The forms include numerous data capture points and will serve as a useful checklist for members interested in understanding what records they possess, where they are located, and importantly, what information they still need to acquire or refresh.

How to Access CVTA’s ELDT Best Practices:

For Members

Simply log in to the “Member Login Portal” (available in the upper right-hand corner of our website) with your username and password at cvta.org. Once you’ve logged in, go to the “ELDT” section located in the gray menu bar, which is just below the blue website menu bar. Once there, you will find three downloadable PDF documents: ELDT Overview, ELDT Best Practices, and ELDT Forms. If you do not have your member login credentials, please call CVTA: 703-642-9444 for assistance.

For Non-Members

Please contact Cindy Atwood at 703-642-9444 or ccatwood@cvta.org

Thank you to all CVTA’s Pilot Program Committee members who helped develop this guide for members. Their efforts have created industry-leading compliance documents that will aid all members.