Why You Need to Attend the Upcoming Conference.

Jamie Sather, Chairman, Conference Committee

Attending a conference for CVTA is more than just an information gathering. It is a very important aspect and concrete activity that solidifies the membership and more importantly allows each participant to offer new ideas for training and the trucking industry.

I have been involved with CVTA since the beginning of its formation starting in 1996. I have held various committee positions on the board.  My responsibilities include or have included being Treasurer and Vice-Chairman of this organization.

Our goals individually and collectively are to “raise the bar” for training within the trucking industry. These goals more importantly are to create a major network for all trucking schools to benefit from CVTA’s input to create more efficient and better qualified schools and professional drivers.

One goal through networking is to afford trucking schools to benefit from new procedures and formats that have been created by established schools, (i.e.) class formats, administrative procedures and improved teaching methods among other activities.

Besides the two conferences that are held for the membership each calendar year there are a number of telephone conference calls that allow the committee members to exchange current ideas, obtain new information, discuss current agenda and to vote on the agenda issues.

My past experiences with CVTA have allowed me to see a different prospective of the trucking industry and associated factors thru the eyes and thoughts of the membership. CVTA is a strong and very important asset to this transportation industry that has evolved within these great borders of the United States. We as a professional organization see and sense the growing need for change within the trucking industry. These changes can only occur with a strong membership and with a concerned foresight of what is needed to continue a positive direction to better the trucking schools and the individuals that they teach.

Trucking moves this great country and we need to continue to be the driving force in front, behind and more importantly right in the truck itself to make this force the best that we can through CVTA.