CVTA Statement in Support of ELDTAC's Performance-Based Agreement

Dear CVTA Members:

Two weeks ago, I sent you a memo outlining the various aspects of ELDTAC consensus agreement. Today, I want to share our official statement on why CVTA was proud to support the consensus opinion and, in particular, the vote on a performance-based rule with minimum hours. I am doing so in an effort to help correct some confusion by members who have inquired whether this rule is performance-based or hours-based. CVTA members may have seen various news headlines or talked to members who are calling the ELDTAC consensus opinion an "hours-based rule." This is not an accurate statement.

The ELDTAC consensus opinion is a performance-based rule, as all individuals will have to be certified by their training provider that they can competently perform the skills necessary as outlined by the new Model Curriculum. The ELDTAC also agreed that each training provider must also certify that the student/trainee completed a minimum of 30 academic hours (50 Mins.) of behind the wheel training as part of his or her training. The 30 academic hours is broken down as follows:

  • 10 academic hours on the range;
  • 10 academic hours on the road or 10 road trips (trip defined as 50 mins or more); and
  • 10 academic hours split between road or range. This is called "Flex time" as it is up to the institution to determine where the student/trainee should spend this time.

While the skills training must contain a minimum of 30 academic hours, individuals must be certified based on their actual performance. Therefore, while some students will no doubt be competent after 30 hours, many more will not be and our schools will have to continue to train, as nearly all do now, until that student is competent and ready to take his or her CDL exam.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

All the best-

Don Lefeve
President, CVTA