CVTA Statement on President Obama's 2015 Budget Request

For Immediate Release

Cindy Atwood
Washington, D.C. - Commercial Vehicle Training Association's (CVTA) President and CEO Don Lefeve released the following statement on the President's 2015 Budget Request:     
"CVTA and our member schools are dedicated to helping keep the US economy moving forward by providing high quality education and training to the next generation of professional truck drivers. We applaud the President's budget for its focus on new investments that empower workers with skills and training for in-demand careers such as truck driving.  We do, however, feel that more work lies ahead.  
While we believe the President is on the right track in focusing on industries in high demand, in our view, we also need the Department of Labor to recognize national in-demand industries, such as trucking, which hire professional drivers from all parts of the United States.
With an anticipated industry shortfall of nearly 239,000 drivers over the next 10 years, we see the need to work directly with all stakeholders, including carriers, truck driving schools, and community colleges to achieve an ultimate goal of training people to join the ranks of the professional truck driving industry.  Doing so is good not only for professional truck drivers but also good for the American economy as it can provide up to 239,000 possible careers that cannot be outsourced.  We look forward to working with the President and Congress to do everything possible to effectively train these new industry professionals so we may fill these critical jobs and keep America moving forward."

About CVTA

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