Choosing the Right School

As you select a school, you are faced with many choices. At this stage in your career, it is difficult to determine what is possible and what is not. CVTA has answered the following questions to help you evaluate your options.

Are you considering a truck driver training school that offers "paid" training?

Then you should know that many companies that offer these programs actually "pay" you from your own student loan. Ask the school to tell you the name of the employer that is "paying" you. If the school can't tell you that, you are probably paying for it yourself.

Will you really make $40,000 or more per year after you graduate?

According to industry data, starting drivers generally earn about $38,000-$43,000 per year if properly trained. If the school you are considering promises more, make them identify the employer and check for yourself.

Do you know how much actual driving time you will receive?

While classroom time is important, adequate time behind the wheel is critical to your future success. CVTA recommends a MINIMUM of 160 total hours of instruction, with at least 40 academic hours of behind-the-wheel driving time.

Are there opportunities for females in commercial driving?

Yes. CVTA member schools frequently enroll female students, which make up 6-10% of all students. Motor carriers also welcome female drivers and minority drivers.

How much tuition should you pay for commercial driver training?

Tuition varies widely. You should check several schools before deciding. Adequate training is probably the best indicator of future success.