Every other year, CVTA members select a chairman to lead the organization and represent the truck driving training industry at events nationwide. The Chairman works with CVTA leadership to best position the association and industry to various audiences and stakeholders.

CVTA Current Chairman John Diab (2013-2015)

From the Desk of the Chairman

John Diab

June 1, 2015

Dear Members,

May 29, 2015 marks an important time for the transportation industry and more importantly for CVTA and our members. On Friday, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Entry-Level Driver Training Advisory Committee (ELDTAC) came to a consensus, 25 years in the making, on minimum training requirements designed to develop standards, improve safety, and make the trucking industry stronger. This consensus sets up CVTA and our members for continued and more impactful success as the backbone of the industry as the schools, trainers, employers and supporters of commercial truck drivers.
Thanks to the leadership of Don Lefeve and the hard work and dedication of Carl Spatocco, Lou Spoonhour and John Frey, along with 25 other key industry stakeholders, ELDTAC did not just come to a consensus, it came to a consensus that benefits the industry and CVTA members. It was agreed that mandatory training standards will be PERFORMANCE BASED WITH A BEHIND THE WHEEL COMPONENT, and it would not have happened or more importantly, would have been considerably less favorable, if not for the insight, leadership, and determination of our team.  
This outcome, along with our participation, is a true demonstration of the recognition CVTA has achieved within the industry. It positions all of us for continued success and future industry leadership.                    
Thanks again to our great ELDTAC team, and I look forward to Don's update on the details of the Neg-Reg and the work that will continue to occur on behalf of CVTA and the industry.
All the Best
John Diab