April 9 CVTA COVID-19 Update

Apr 9, 2020

CVTA just received word that the FMCSA has issued waivers so that licensed third party skills examiners may conduct CLP knowledge exams. Today’s waiver “allows third-party CDL test examiners, previously authorized by the State to administer the CDL skills test, to also administer the CDL knowledge test without completing a CDL knowledge test training course.”

As far as the level of State participation and approval required, “the State must provide these examiners with access to written training/instructional materials for the knowledge test training referenced in 49 CFR 384.228(c)(3) regarding the general and specialized knowledge tests, administration of the knowledge test, and the selection of the appropriate tests and test forms. States may provide these materials electronically or through other means.”

Secondary conditions are as follows:
The waiver does not apply to third party CDL test examiners who have not maintained their CDL test examiner certification.

The waiver does not apply to third party CDL test examiners who had not completed a CDL skills test examiners training course that meets the requirements of 49 CFR 384.228(d) prior to the date of this waiver.

The FMCSA continues to stand out as an extraordinary federal partner interested in keeping the national supply chain in motion. We recognize their efforts and thank them generously.

The full notice is available by clicking here.