April 7 CVTA COVID-19 Update (NGA Letter)

Apr 7, 2020

Earlier today CVTA issued a press release highlighting the growing trend of state driver’s license agencies. We are pleased to see how many associations and signatories who have joined together to preserve the essential role of CDL training and licensing in the national supply chain. Now we need you to take additional action to share this letter with your state officials. 

If your state driver’s license agency is closed, it is imperative that all CVTA members immediately take action.

Here are the steps to follow

  1. Download the NGA letter in a PDF format and “Save” it.
  2. Find the appropriate listed contact for your state in the governor’s office.
  3. Compose an email to the listed contact by cutting and pasting the following into an email:
  4. Title the email “National Governors Association Letter”
  5. Make sure to attach the NGA Letter you have downloaded to the email
  6. Make sure the email is addressed to the Contact’s Last Name. EX: “Mr. or Mrs. Smith”
  7. The Governor’s address is included only if you wish to draft a formal letter with your logo.
  8. Hit send when all of the prior steps have been taken.
  9. Please inform CVTA of these actions by emailing Cindy at ccatwood@cvta.org.