About CVTA

The Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA) is the largest association representing commercial truck driver training programs in the United States. CVTA members represent nearly 200 training providers in 42 states and trains over 50,000 commercial drivers annually. Advancing the interests of trucking’s workforce providers and employers, CVTA advocates for policies that enhance safety through commercial driver training, enable students to secure employment within the trucking and bus industries, thus further advancing driver professionalism.

Founded in 1996, CVTA provides its members with programs and services that improve training programs, staff and operations, while helping them navigate a complex regulatory framework. 


  • Promote excellence in training
  • Develop safety in the transportation industry
  • Enhance driver professionalism

CVTA Facts

CVTA is comprised of:

  • Nearly 200 member locations
  • 20 motor carrier members
  • Over 30 associate members
  • CVTA member schools operate both accredited and state licensed schools in 42 states
  • All members adhere to CVTA’s Codes of Conduct, which are voluntary program and consumer protection standards aimed at promoting quality training programs
  • A majority of CVTA member schools have placement rates of 90% or better
  • CVTA member schools train approximately 50,000 drivers each year


  • Trucks drive economic growth and jobs in America. In fact, the industry currently supports almost 7 million jobs, including just over 3 million professional drivers.1
  • The trucking industry is currently facing a shortage of 38,000 drivers annually and the shortage is projected to reach almost 175,000 by 2024.
  • Entry-level truck drivers are often pre-hired before beginning their driver training, thus they begin working almost immediately after completing their training.
  • Entry-level drivers enjoy an average starting salary of $38,000-$45,000 per year, plus benefits, bonuses, tuition reimbursement, etc.
  • Trucking companies and other corporations rely on driving schools graduates to fill the growing driver demand.
  • The truck driver occupation is listed as an “occupation with the most growth” by the Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.2
  • In 2013, the trucking industry was an astounding $681.7 billion industry, representing 81.2 percent of the nation’s freight bill.3

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