4 Ways Commercial Driver Education Programs Can Attract More Students

Jun 21, 2018

Through our work with career-focused schools, including heavy equipment and commercial driver’s license (CDL) programs, we’ve seen first-hand what draws students to certain programs. We took those insights, along with feedback from our students, and outlined a few smart tactics schools can use to attract students.

Equipment and Technology

It’s no secret students care about hands-on learning with new equipment and up-to-date technology. They want to be trained on the type of equipment they’ll likely use in the workforce. Bill Collins, Owner of Interstate Truck Driving School noted, “Most students are choosing the trucks with automatics now because the majority of trucking companies have made the change away from manual transmissions.”

Simulators are another method of providing firsthand experience. This way, students have an immersive and safe way to learn how they’ll have to react to potential hazards on the road.

Better Payment Options

While commercial driver license programs are far less expensive that traditional four-year degrees, they’re still a significant financial commitment. Many students want flexibility to pay over time, rather than all up-front.

Offering payment options like installment plans, or driver education loans, can help students answer the “How can I pay for this?” question when looking into CDL programs, empowering them to make the decision to attend.

Employer Partnerships

A great benefit of a CDL education is the connection between schools and carriers in the industry. Having partnerships with trusted carriers, particularly those who have programs to help advance an individual’s skills development and industry knowledge, is important to provide a pathway for success. Whatever the student’s preference for the type of driving is over-the-road or local runs, shows them how valuable a CDL is – especially with the variety of careers a CDL can help them qualify for.

Touting Success Stories

Today’s students are closely looking at the value of the education they’re investing in. New students want to see they’re going to get a good education and are likely to get a job after graduating.

One of our students, Kristy Glassick, mentioned how that idea helped her decide to attend her program: “I was making this investment in my future – that part was easy to rationalize, that you’re paying money for this course, and it’s going to influence your career.”

Including student reviews, success stories, and outcomes information is a great way to attract new students and show how your programs deliver results.

Authored by Laura Fitzpatrick, Marketing Manager, Climb Credit