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The Professional Truck Driving Industry


Download the whole document: MS Word | PDF


  1. The Fastest Road to Success - Download: MS Word | PDF
  2. Fact Sheet - Download: MS Word | PDF
  3. Talking Points Short Version - Download: MS Word | PDF
  4. Talking Points Long Version - Download: MS Word | PDF

Supporting Materials

  1. Department of Labor has Issued a Prediction Favorable to the Truck Driving Career
  2. Press Articles
  3. Audio News Stories
  4. Links on the Website: CVTA, DOL and FMCSA

How to Communicate

  1. Sample Letter to WIA and WIB Boards
  2. Sample Letter to Congressmen & Senators
  3. Sample Print Ads in local and national news outlets
  4. Sample Radio Advertising – We can help you with voice over ads.
  5. Sample TV Ads using Life on Road
  6. Presentation Team
  7. Interaction with ATA, TCA, NAPFTDS Boards
  8. Radio Spot - Download: MS Word | PDF